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Board and Committees

The LOSRPO is comprised of two committees, the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC). These committees work with support from the staff of Land of Sky Regional Council.

Tansportation Advisory Committee (TAC)

The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) is the governing policy board for the RPO. The TAC’s membership includes elected officials, members of the local governments, the area’s representative on the Board of Transportation and other members as may be designated. The Transportation Advisory Committee provides policy direction for the planning process, facilitates communication and coordination among the member jurisdictions, and guides the development of a comprehensive multi-modal transportation program for the rural area.

A list of the current RTAC membership can be found here.

Technical Coordinating Committee’s (TCC) 

The Technical Coordinating Committee’s (TCC) role is to support and advise the TAC. It is comprised of staff representatives of the various member governments, NCDOT, and other agencies with an interest in transportation planning. The TCC has the responsibility of making technical recommendations to the Transportation Advisory Committee on decisions pertaining to RPO planning and the project selection process. The TCC, in conjunction with transportation Planning Branch, is responsible for providing guidance and oversight on the RPO’s annual Planning Work Program, Comprehensive Transportation Plans, citizen participation, and the review of transportation documents.

A list of the current RTCC membership can be found here.

The TAC meets monthly on the third Thursday at 11:30 am and the TCC meets monthly on the second Thursday at 10 am. Both meetings can be joined either in person at the Land of Sky Regional Council Offices located at 339 New Leicester Highway, Suite 140, Asheville, NC 28806 or remotely via Zoom. For a full schedule of meetings this can be found here.

Members of the public are encouraged to attend both TAC and TCC meetings. All documents and minutes at each meeting are public and available by contacting staff at the Land of Sky Regional Council.