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About Us

The Land of Sky Rural Planning Organization (LOSRPO), is a rural transportation planning organization housed at the Land of Sky Regional Council (LOSRC).  The LOSRPO was established in 2003 and is one of eighteen multi-county rural transportation planning organizations across North Carolina

The goals and duties of the RPO are to:

  • Develop long-range local and regional transportation plans for all modes or travel (Highway, Public Transit, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Aviation) in cooperation with other area planning organizations and the North Carolina Department of Transportation;
  • Provide a forum for public participation in the rural transportation planning process;
  • Develop and prioritize transportation projects which the RPO believes should be included in the State Transportation Improvement Program;
  • Provide transportation-related information to local governments and other interested organizations and persons.

The governing board of the Land of Sky RPO is the Rural Transportation Advisory Committee (RTAC), a board of county and municipal elected officials from the RPO counties and NCDOT.  The RTAC holds 4-5 meetings per year, as does the Rural Transportation Coordinating Committee (RTCC), a committee of staff representatives from the RPO counties and municipalities and NCDOT that provides technical recommendations to the governing board.