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Hellbender Regional Trail

The Hellbender Regional Trail draft plan outlines a regional bicycle and pedestrian network connecting communities in Western North Carolina. The concept is developed from existing plans in Buncombe, Henderson, Haywood, Madison and Transylvania counties

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. LOSRPO and FBRMPO staff, in coordination with the regional trail workgroup, have prepared a document that provides a preliminary overview of mapped segments, partnerships, trail benefits and implementation efforts.

The plan in its entirety is linked above as an ArcGIS Online Web Map. It is best viewed on desktop/tablet devices.

The public comment period on the draft plan closed on August 21st. The draft plan was adopted by the LOSRPO TAC at their October 22nd, 2020 meeting and the FBRMPO Board at their September 24, 2020 meeting.  The Hellbender Regional Trail workgroup will reconvene later in 2020 to discuss next steps.