Click here for the Land of Sky RPO FINAL Prioritization Points Assignment

The Land-of-Sky Rural Planning Organization (LOSRPO) is a voluntary organization of local governments working cooperatively with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) and local officials to enhance transportation planning opportunities for rural areas in our region.

Together, the members of the LOSRPO:

  • Develop long-range transportation plans for the region
  • Provide transportation-related information and data to local governments
  • Develop and prioritize projects for the State Transportation Improvement Program  (STIP)
  • Provide a forum for public involvement in the transportation planning process.


Land of Sky Regional Council is a Council of Governments (COG).  The Land of Sky Regional Council is the local government agency designated as the Lead Planning Agency (LPA) for the RPO.  Staff of Land-of-Sky Regional Council provide support for the Land-of-Sky RPO functions. The LPA develops the draft documents, prepares Transportation Advisory Committee and Technical Coordinating Committee meeting materials, schedules meetings, administers the distribution of state transportation planning funds to member governments, and carries out the directives of the TAC and TCC.Land-of-Sky staff reports directly to the TAC and TCC Boards.
Staff has a number of roles in the facilitating transportation planning, including:
  • Writing enhancement, bicycle and pedestrian planning grants
  • Preparing quarterly invoices and reports
  • Helping determine the initial list of TIP priorities with Division Engineers
  • Facilitating public meetings
  • Collecting population, housing, and employment data
  • Assist with transportation planning
    (data collection, public involvement, etc.)
  • Coordinating speakers for meetings
  • Create agendas for TCC & TAC meetings
  • Sending out packets/reminders for the meetings
  • Preparing deliverables to NCDOT

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